ENG | Webinar series: an introduction to Dutch politics

Do you work in a political or diplomatic context and are you new in or to the Netherlands? This fall we will start our very first English webinar series about Dutch politics! This series is aimed at expats, diplomats and really anyone who would like to learn more about the governance and politics of the Netherlands. We will take a closer look at different aspects of Dutch politics such as our consensus democracy, political parties, elections, the formation of a new cabinet, ‘Prinsjesdag’ and much more. Various experts will join us to discuss these topics. And during these webinars, you can ask us anything you want about Dutch politics!

Webinar 1: The Netherlands; a small country? The basics of the Dutch political system
In this first webinar we will give you an overview of Dutch politics and its origins. We will talk about key concepts such as ‘consensus democracy’. How did this type of democracy emerge in the Netherlands? What does it look like today? We will also discuss our different political institutions and their competences and explain how power is separated in the Netherlands.

Webinar 2: Elections, political parties and government formation in the Netherlands
During the second webinar we will take a closer look at our elections and political parties. The latter can be quite confusing for those coming from a country in which voting means choosing between one candidate or the other. When discussing electoral campaigns we will explore the Dutch way of campaigning, our voting system and our voting behavior (and the influence the media has on this behavior). We will also discuss the procedures around cabinet formation and what happens when a government collapses.

Webinar 3: Policymaking
This webinar revolves around understanding how policy is made. We will guide you through the policy cycle and the process of lawmaking, after which we will discuss bureaucracy and corporatism and ‘Prinsjesdag’. We will also go in depth on the influence of interest groups and other stakeholders on the policymaking process. Which instruments are successfully used to represent stakeholder interests in the Dutch political arena?

Webinar 4: Working together with Dutch politicians
During the last webinar, we will tell you more about cooperating with Dutch politicians. What are the proper channels? What does informal political culture in the Netherlands look like? What are the things you need to know when you are planning to work with Dutch politicians, or when you want to influence policy? Based on her own experiences, a lobbyist will share her view on what is like to work with Dutch policymakers.

Dates and times
Webinar 1: 24th of August 2021 – 15.30-17.00 hrs
Webinar 2: 31th of August 2021 – 15.30-17.00 hrs
Webinar 3: 7th of September 2021 – 15.30-17.00 hrs
Webinar 4: 14th of September 2021 – 15.30-17.00 hrs

Costs and more info
Participating in these webinar series will cost you €40,- (excluding VAT) per webinar. You will receive a 15% discount if you take part in all four webinars. You can sign up by filling in the form below. Want to know more? Reach out to us by e-mail through info@pa-academie.nl or call us on +31 (0) 70 32 42 765.

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